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Who we are

Orange Engineering is a architecture and engineering service company, assisted by a staff of several professionals, uses the latest 3D technologies to service its customers to realize design concepts, renderings, 3D animations, CDs/DVDs media.

Founders: arch. Brattoli Benedetto, arch. Marco Brunori, ing. Michele de Pinto.

Our origins

Orange Engineering has been developed by three professionals in the architecture field, with one common denominator: "the passion for architecture". Born in 2006 in Corato (Bari), in the heart of Puglia, such as design studio has become a service company with the goal of providing all the available technology at the service of architecture, expanding its presence in two locations Rome and Bracciano (Rome).

Company profile

Orange Engineering uses a staff of employees, internal and external consultants, divided into four areas: design, modeling, marketing and execution. An ambitious and unique team for team spirit and determination that has the goal of exceeding customer expectations with innovative and unique solutions.

How we do it

A Workshop on Architecture. Orange Engineering works for very demanding clients who expect the best. Every job is unique and is implemented with ad hoc solutions with an organization that reaches the customer's expectations. Everything is designed and tailored to make distinctive and unique style for those who rely on Orange Engineering.

Trust us

Orange Engineering is a company that goes beyond just modeling or graphic design. What distinguishes us is the ability to offer a service that allows, cost cutting and time saving along with a check to 360 ° on all phases of work.

Wherever you are

Orange Engineering is able to reach you wherever you go, sending its experts to gather your desires and study your business needs. The staff takes care of detecting all the information  to give shape to your ideas.